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Eat better and spend less time in the kitchen.
Welcome to this recipe collection!
It´s a right place, if you are looking for healthy and easy recipes.
I´m not a nutritionist, not a skilled chef.
My wife enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating. I have been hunting for years for easy tasty recipes that are also nutritions, and I have collectid here for you. My wife have tested a more (not every) recipes in our own kitchen.
Enjoy these recipes. Use and modify them, and make tham your own.Then get out of the kitchen end enjoy yourself!
You Are What You Eat
It is a fact that the meals served at fast food chains have low nutritional values. There is actually no nutritional content to those oily, overly-fried burgers and fries. They will not be able to give you strong bones and muscles. What they can give you is unwanted fats and maybe even heart disease. For you to be able to avoid being overweight, getting a heart disease or diabetes, ditch these unhealthy foods now. If you like eating at fast food chains, break the habit. It is easier said than done, of course, but just think about how much your body will be better off without those junk.
Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Oh, you should not only watch what you eat, but what you drink as well. Don't drown yourself in sodas, fizzy drinks and those lattes or mocachino. Too much carbonated drink and caffeine is not good for the body. Drink as much water as you can everyday. You can never go wrong with fresh fruit juices, too. If you like meat, then you can turn to chicken and fish instead of eating too much beef and pork. Do not forget that a glass of fine wine is very useful for health.
If you want to start eating right, there is no better time to start that now. Incorporate food with nutritional value into your daily menu. You will not have a hard time learning about different foods and what they can contribute to your health. Now what do you think people would say if your diet consists of junk food? Take a healthy step towards delicious meals and new tastes! Imagine how your body would react when you eat the right kinds of food!
The best diet is: eat half of all.
Don't forget, you are what you eat!

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