Cooking Becomes Cuisine
Advanced Civilization

An advanced civilization has all the elements that our civilizations have now: cities with thousands of people doing specialized labor, advanced technology, structure and institutions like government, and a way to keep records. These advanced civilizations were possible because there was a surplus of food, so not everyone had to farm all the time. Specialized labor became possible—like artisans, priests, warriors, chefs, teachers, and government officials to keep records of the population so they could collect taxes and raise an army.
Advanced civilizations are where cooking for survival changes to cuisine—cooking with awareness, for a purpose other than just to make food edible. Some historians think that cities were started for the purpose of worship. Could one feeble voice raised in prayer reach the gods? Thousands would have a better chance of being heard. For whatever reason they began, cities became centers of trade.
Humans need fresh water to survive, so it is not surprising that the earliest civilizations began around rivers: the Tigris and Euphrates in southwest Asia, the Nile in Egypt, the Yellow (Huang He) in China, and the Indus in India.

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