Cooking Traditional English Pub Style Lunch

Traditional English Pub Style Lunch
4 slices crusty bread, thick slices or 2 large crusty bread rolls or 1/2 baguette
1 -2 ounce fresh butter
8 ounces mature farmhouse cheddar cheese
or 8 ounces Stilton cheese
or 8 ounces wensleydale cheese
or 8 ounces cheshire cheese
or 8 ounces lancashire cheese
or 8 ounces double Gloucester cheese
or 8 ounces red leicester cheese
4 large pickled onions
4 tablespoons chutney (such as, branston pickle, Pan Yan Pickle or ploughman's pickle)
or 4 tablespoons pickles (such as, branston pickle, Pan Yan Pickle or ploughman's pickle)
2 tomatoes
4 spring onions
1. Arrange the buttered bread on a large platter or plate; you can also leave the bread unbuttered, and place a pat of butter on the side instead.
2. Cut 4 ozs of cheese per person, it is nice to have a choice of two cheese, such as 2 ozs Cheddar and 2 ozs Stilton - arrange these on the same platter/plate.
3. Put the pickled onions and chutney or pickles on the side of the plate, along with a fresh tomato left whole and the spring onions.
4. Make sure there is salt and pepper available, as well as some good real ale or cider!
5. Enjoy!

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