Smoked and Processed Fish

Anchovies: These tiny salted fish are an important seasoning in Mediterranean cooking. They are usually found filleted, salt-cured, and canned in oil. Because most recipes call only for a few fillets, you will often have leftover anchovies; cover the can tightly with plastic wrap and use within one week. Anchovy paste is a convenient product because there is no waste. About 1⁄2 teaspoon of anchovy paste equals one fillet.

Caviar: Real caviar is the salted roe of sturgeon. You may see lumpfish and salmon "caviar", but they are not really caviar—they’re just fish eggs. Caviar is rare, costly, and uniquely delicious. There are three categories: beluga (large dark gray eggs), osetra (medium eggs that range in color from yellow to brown), and sevruga (smaller eggs that are light gray).

Salt Cod: Cod that has been salted and dried. Buy thick white pieces; salt cod turns gray as it ages. Salt cod is always soaked thoroughly and rinsed before cooking to remove the salt.

Smoked Salmon: Nova is named after the true Nova Scotia salmon, which is rarely seen in our markets. It has been cured in brine and then smoked. Lox is salmon that has been pickled in a spiced brine but is not always smoked.

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