Cooking-food-winelovers provides a winelovers a clear understanding of the direct and interacting effects of food and wine elements of match. The target audience for this page is individuals who have an interest in wine and food, in other words winelovers. Basically this page is built on the opinions and words of Robert J. Harrington and his book Wine Pairing:A Sensory Experience. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the key food and wine pairing concepts in a concise and reader - frendly manner. From this book I learned more things about wine and I´m happy to share them with all winelovers. Of course, in this page you will find much more information and most especially for Spanish wines, because I live in Spain and I´m very in love with Spanish wine.

Wine clubs, wine gifts, basic wine information

Spanish Wines

Portuguese Wines


Spanish Wine Rioja

Fino Sherry and Manzanilla

Spanish Wine Ribeira del Duero

Wines from Valencia and Murcia

What is Solera?

Sangria and Summer Drinks

Italian Wines

Classic Wine and Food Matches

General Wine and Food Relationships

Food and Wine Pairing


Los Vinos de Espana...leer más...

Wine:How To Serve Cabernet Merlot

Education for Wine Lovers

Marrying Wine with Food

About Wine-Ten Common Questions

About Wine-Ten Wine Myths

How To Make Wine At Home

Recipes How To Make Wine At Home

More Recipes How To Make Wine At Home




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